December 11, 2023

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38 arrests: gang of Albanian drug dealers liquidated

Another major blow to drug networks was dealt by the Greek police this week.

A thorough investigation, coupled with the proper use of data, resulted in the Komotini Security Department’s Narcotics Investigation Unit dismantling a drug trafficking organization.

A total of thirty-eight (38) gang members were arrested as part of a large-scale police operation that took place on 30 November 2021 in the cities of Komotini, Alexandroupoli and Thessaloniki. Of these, thirty-six (36) local residents (thirty men and six women) and two (2) citizens of Albania, against whom a criminal case has been initiated for violating the legislation on drugs, weapons, the national customs code and foreigners, depending on the circumstances.

The police operation involved employees of the departments of the Rodopi, Orestiada, Alexandroupolis, Drama and Xanthi, as well as the subdivisions of the department for combating the illegal distribution of drugs of the Criminal Investigation Department of Thessaloniki.

In order to identify the criminal activities of the detainees, a police investigation was carried out, during which it was established that the criminals from the beginning of January 2021 to 11/29/2021 joined a criminal organization, with continuous and systematic actions performing various roles and in a different composition, which changed depending on from the circumstances in order to obtain illegal benefits from the sale of drugs.

As a result of many months of monitoring the network, the investigation found that the participants in the criminal scheme were actively selling drugs to the users of the regional branches of the Rodopi, Xanthi and Evros, the volumes of which were supplied from Thessaloniki and Komotini.

At the same time, the actions of two of those arrested for transporting illegal immigrants through the territory of Greece were checked. In addition, the investigation revealed that the organization supplied at least 115 people with drugs. During searches in houses, vehicles and hiding places of criminals, the following were found and seized:

1 kg and 608.7 grams of raw hemp 502 tablets 342 grams of crystalline methamphetamine 10 ml of hash oil 45 packs of cigarettes for which the relevant taxes and fees have not been paid 3 knives 4 electronic precision scales 22 impromptu cannabis cigarettes cash in the amount of 9210 euros a lot of electronic devices and mobile phones.

2 IXE cars, IXF car and 2 two-wheeled motorcycles were confiscated.

The number of drugs sold during the network’s operation is estimated at 34 kg of raw cannabis, and the illicit benefit received by the members of the group is estimated at around 190,000 euros.

The preliminary investigation was carried out by the drug investigation team of the Komotini Security Directorate.

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