Sotiris Sideris: How Mitsotakis will be welcomed in Russia

“The Mitsotakis government destroyed the balance that Greece maintained for decades with warm relations with Moscow, despite the fact that Athens followed NATO and EU policies,” analyst Sotiris Sideris writes in the publication OmegaPresson which cited the publication “Voice of the Army”closely associated with the Armed Forces of Greece.

The author adds, among other things, that Greece is blindly following US policy towards Russia and notes that “the American bases in Greece are intended to” encircle and weaken Russia. “

The Greek Prime Minister’s reception will not be warm at all. Essentially, not at the level of etiquette. The United States, wishing to encircle and weaken Russia, uses Ukraine, as well as Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

The Baltic states are moving in the same direction. However, the Greek government has canceled political rationality for decades and advocated that such a policy would increase the country’s security.

Moscow has warned the United States that NATO’s expansion into Ukraine will be met with a tough response and the creation of a front in the western Balkans, where the spark does not want to flare up too much.

The carelessness with which Athens is preparing this visit is out of proportion to its importance, and it is dangerous because Mitsotakis will hear more than he has to say.

During the visit, Mr. Mitsotakis is expected to sign two small agreements. Comparison with Turkish-Russian relations will raise many questions about Athens.

Russia has already used Lukashenko to signal to the new German government that the cancellation of Nord Stream will have repercussions. However, at the same time, Athens is committing a crime by its attitude to Skopje, taking on a huge risk and responsibility for freezing and devaluing the Prespani Agreement.

Fears about a new outbreak that will lead Greece to a historic failure with Mitsotakis’s signature are slowly turning into nightmares.

Obviously, from the point of view of geopolitical development, Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s visit will be a failure, to say the least. Russia is involved in a number of conflicts around the world and plays a more important role in the Mediterranean region and, of course, in the Caucasus. Sometimes the Russian Federation cooperates with Turkey, as in Syria or the South Caucasus, where their interests are opposite.

Let’s not forget that Moscow’s exact position on the 12-mile expansion of Greece’s territorial waters, which Athens distorts, is negative, as it requires Turkey’s position to be taken into account.

Anti-Russian rhetoric

What makes sense is that the Mitsotakis government has shattered the balance that Greece has maintained for decades, with a cordial relationship with Moscow, despite Athens following NATO and EU policies. The almost threatening rhetoric, similar to that used only in the US and the Baltic states, leaves a negative impression. In this light it is significant andinterview Prime Minister of Greece with WP Editor-in-Chief Lally Weymouth.

[…] QUESTION: Regarding the Agreement on Mutual Defense Cooperation with the United States. Is this a sign that relations between Greece and the United States are going well?

MITSOTAKIS: “We are very pleased with the agreement reached. We have signed a five-year agreement that will automatically renew until one of the two parties decides that they no longer wish to participate.

It opens up new bases for the United States in Greece. The most important of these is the port of Alexandroupoli, located in northeastern Greece, very close to Turkey. “This would be a natural entry point for US or NATO forces into the Eastern European region.” […] But the troops will not go to Turkey, but will surround Russia.

The Greek Prime Minister gave interview to the Financial Times on November 17

[…] The EU must accept an “aggressive deterrent” against Russia, in connection with its military threats to Ukraine, otherwise it risks losing confidence in itself as a foreign policy player.

Mitsotakis said it was unlikely that the EU would be willing to deploy troops to enhance Ukraine’s security. But he should “explore options” for additional sanctions against Moscow in light of the new build-up of military equipment and troops near the Ukrainian border. “At some point, if we want to be credible, our threats must be credible,” he said.

In other words, the Greek prime minister is demanding more aggression against Russia.

An agreement on cooperation in the field of tourism and taxation will be signed during the visit of Mr. Mitsotakis to Russia. It is also planned to sign an “offshore” agreement on the prevention of accidents on the high seas, that is, a formal agreement on cooperation (if Greek and Russian vessels are found) on the high seas in order to avoid accidents.

But the geopolitical arrhythmia prevailing in the region requires cooperation with Russia. Security issues cannot rule out Moscow and a government focused on serving aggressive American interests.

Greece is vitally interested in having a positive relationship with Russia and cooperating with it, rather than opposing it. Not a single country that blindly followed American plans won; on the contrary, the price was very high.

And it would be good for Mr. Mitsotakis if his attention was strained when he discusses with Putin the Greek-Turkish-Russian relations, the Cyprus issue, energy and what the Russian president will tell him about the US bases in Greece, which are turned against Moscow. …

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