Manitakis: “Their rights are not violated.” Tsanakis: “The Greek needs a fine”

Professor of constitutional law Antonis Manitakis believes that the constitutional rights of senior citizens of Greece, for whom vaccination against coronavirus has become mandatory, have not been violated.

He refers to the relevant case-law of the Court of Cassation for professional categories of workers for whom vaccinations have become compulsory, as well as to European courts, including the ECHR. Speaking at SKAI 100.3, Mr Manitakis noted:

“Their freedom will not be affected, especially when it comes to saving dozens of lives a day in this way.”

He stressed that if tough measures are delayed, a large percentage of people over 60 will continue to die. Therefore, encroachment on another good at a time when it is necessary to save human lives is justified. He explained that protecting life is the highest good.

Mr Manitakis described the measures to impose financial sanctions as absolutely necessary and appropriate:

“In this case, the state exhausted all measures, it avoided all mandatory vaccinations, preferring a strategy of persuasion when the opposition demanded vaccinations for the entire population.”

Respiratory medicine professor Nikos Tsanakis is also convinced of the correctness of the government’s decision:

“We had 2,145 deaths in November. Of these deaths, 1,785 were in patients over 65. If we take people over 60 years old, they are close to 91%. Nine out of 10 people who are infected, intubated, or who have died are over the age of 60. Of these, 90% are not vaccinated. If these people are vaccinated 100% or about 99%, the death rate will decrease 7-8 times. “

The professor explained why the government made such a difficult decision:

“I think this decision should have been made earlier, but this equation is very complex. It seems that the Greek needs a fine when something is done for his good. This is a difficult decision, but it must be supported by all social groups. “

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