From 2022 “black boxes” will appear in cars

May 2022 marks the beginning of a new era on the streets of Europe. “Black boxes” will also be installed in cars.

In line with EU requirements, the vehicle flight recorder is on a mission to reduce road accidents in Europe, vehicle manufacturers say. The “black box” will automatically collect data that will “enlighten” experts about how the accident happened.

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Flight recorder (in aviation – an on-board recording device, BUR; in water transport – a flight data recorder; conversational – black box) – the final device of the registration system, mainly used in aviation to record the main flight parameters, internal indicators of the functioning of aircraft systems, negotiations crew, etc. Information from flight recorders is used on a daily basis to monitor the actions of the crew and the performance of aircraft after each flight, and in special cases – when investigating flight accidents. The objective control system itself consists of a large group of sensors (internal and external), information processing units and a separate recording device (information storage device).

At the beginning of the XXI century, in connection with the development of the element base and the reduction in the cost of electronic components, flight recorders are gradually spreading in other areas – in particular, in water, rail and road transport.

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