Omicron: Russian cardiologist Myasnikov believes that "deaths will be more"

Experts are concerned about the spread of the coronavirus in Russia. The emergence of a new version of it is even more alarming.

A new omicron strain was found in fully vaccinated people, which, according to the Russian doctor, indicates a decrease in the effectiveness of vaccines in relation to it. The main concern among specialists is the large number of mutations in it. Changes, draws attention Myasnikovoriginated in the protein of the coronavirus thorns that form its notorious “crown”. Moreover, most vaccines are aimed at neutralizing these particular covid particles, the doctor explains:

“Yes, indeed, the omicron was found in four fully vaccinated citizens. It was first identified in Africa, but where it originated – we do not know. And its potential problem is that vaccines cover the protein spike completely, but do not cope with all mutations. To give an example: you can hold one plum in your hand – this is easy, two, three – it will work, and five plums will slip between your fingers. There are too many mutations, so the expected effect of vaccines will be lower. “

The doctor emphasizes that for elderly people, vaccines provided protection against the delta strain at a level of about 60-70%. In the case of the omicron, this indicator can drop to 20-30%. Therefore, the only way to prepare for the emergence of omicron in Russia is the adaptation of vaccines to the new strain and, accordingly, the next revaccination.

Myasnikov adds that any mutations of the virus, including COVID-19, are aimed at accelerating its spread. It is quite possible that because of them, the mortality rate and severity of the disease will decrease. But “in the absolute number of deaths there will be more”, as the number of diseases will increase, the expert says.

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