Italy: on public transport with a negative test only

Italians who decide to use public transport without being vaccinated or testing negative for Covid-19 will pay a fine of up to 1,000 euros.

The implementation of a tough measure against the spread of coronavirus begins on December 6. The decision was made by the Italian government yesterday, Monday evening. The punishment for failure to comply is a fine of 600 to 1000 euros. Not only permanent inspectors will act as inspectors, but also police officers, carabinieri, and financial police officers.

Luciana Lamorjese, Minister of the Interior of the Draghi government, also calls for effective cooperation among all trade unions in Italy: strictly and without exception to comply with the measures introduced. In particular, check the required documents when entering restaurants, shops and other public places to prevent unvaccinated visitors.

In Greece, public transport is still available to everyone. However, apparently, new measures are not far off – the coronavirus continues its aggression. Experts notethat the pressure on the health care system will be significantly reduced after the full vaccination of the elderly. So far, only 75% of them have been vaccinated, although in many European countries all elderly people over 80 are already vaccinated.

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