Incredible incident in Thessaloniki: teenager pointed gun at police

Only the composure of the Greek police helped to avoid a tragedy such as often happens in the United States.

On Saturday, according to, a group of teenagers took to the streets to “play naughty”. However, it is rather difficult to call it a prank. After about 10 hours on Saturday evening, the Immediate Response Center began to receive calls from citizens asking for help. They complained that minors tried to rob them on Anaximandru Street in the eastern part of Thessaloniki.

The patrol in the area was ordered to immediately arrive at the scene. When a police car (without identification marks) was moving along Anaximandru Street, a teenager was in the field of view of law enforcement officers, pointing a gun at them. He kept his finger on the trigger.

Remaining self-controlled, the police stopped, got out of the car and reported their status and introduced themselves. In response, a group of five teenagers took to their heels. After the persecution, the police detained one of them, but not the one who had a weapon.

The 15-year-old, taken to the security department of Charilau-Analipsi, provided the names of everyone in the group. After informing the parents, the police took the other four members to the police station. As it turned out, the gun was not real. With his help, the pranksters intended to rob passers-by, film the process and post it on social networks. Whether this is so, the investigation will show. It is scary to imagine what could have happened if, in response to a pointed pistol, the police opened fire to kill …

Are you in a hurry to exclaim that the Albanians are again to blame? But no. According to information from the police magazine, all five arrested are Greeks, they are 15 years old, against them a criminal case has been openedtransferred to the prosecutor’s office. Probably the desire to joke in this way will not arise soon. At least I would like to hope …

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