Eurostat: inflation in Greece in November amounted to 4.3%

Eurostat forecasts Greece’s inflation to rise to 4.3% in November, up from 2.8% in October, with the country following the eurozone inflation trend, where the consensus CPI (consumer price index) at the end of the month is expected to rise to 4. 9% from 4.1% in October.

Despite significant growth from month to month, Greece is still far from the top three countries with high inflation in the Eurozone, where Lithuania is in first place with a forecast of 9.3%, Estonia is in second place with 8.4% and in third – Latvia from 7.4%. It is followed by Belgium (7.1%), Luxembourg (6.3%), Germany (6%), the Netherlands and Spain (5.6%).

Greece is in 13th place on a 4.3% November inflation forecast, having “won” several spots in the past four months since its lowest in the eurozone (-2.1%) in November 2020.

The consensus CPI for Greece took the + sign in June last year and has been keeping pace with the general upward trend in Europe since then. According to the Eurostat forecast, immediately behind Greece are Austria with November inflation of 4.1%, Italy with 4%, France and Finland with 3.4%, Portugal with 2.7%, and the country with the lowest inflation forecast within the Eurozone is Malta. from 2.3%.

According to Eurostat, the largest annualized growth is recorded in terms of fuels (energy carriers) – more than 27%.

There is an increase in prices for services (2.4%), industrial goods (2.4%), food, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products with an annual growth of 2.3% and 1.9% (primary production raw materials).

When comparing prices in November versus October, Eurostat records an increase in energy prices by 2.5%.

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