British Tesco opens the country’s first cashless supermarket

Without queues and checkouts, the British comfortably shop in the first cashless store, which was opened in London by the famous Tesco supermarket chain.

“Non-contact” procedures greatly facilitate the purchase process and save a lot of time. The only thing that is required is to download the Tesco application to your phone, which will take the whole process “into your own hands.” An innovative system called GetGo helps you quickly buy everything you need using cameras and weight sensors. The technology was developed by the Israeli startup Trigo, it is designed to weigh and evaluate purchases before withdrawing the required amount from the account.

The new method is based on artificial intelligence technology. A network of cameras and sensors on the shelves captures what the customer chooses and automatically withdraws money from his card – for this, it was required to download the application to the phone. Tesco CEO Kevin Tintal says with enthusiasm:

“This innovation offers customers a hassle-free, undamaged shopping experience, helping them save even more time. This is just a pilot store, but we look forward to hearing from our customers. ”

According to the developer of Trigo, in addition to the undoubted benefits for consumers, saving time, the innovation is beneficial for supermarkets as well. They have the ability to reduce staff, conduct real-time inventory, and quickly replenish goods on shelves when they find a shortage.

Experts predict that very soon cash registers will become a rarity for many supermarkets in Europe and the United States. Considering that in Great Britain the “process has begun”, it is possible that in Greece we will soon enter the doors of such a supermarket, having been glad at first that there are no queues. However, you get used to good things quickly.

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