Thriller in Cyprus: two Russians disappeared, the decor and the courtyard of the house are covered in blood

The case of the disappearance of two women from Russia is currently being investigated by the police in the village of Kato Aminando in Cyprus.

The missing women 43 and 33 years old lived in the city of Larnaca until November 17, then left for the village of Kato Aminando, where they disappeared. The police do not rule out that they were killed. In the house from which the women had disappeared, numerous blood stains were found, invisible to the naked eye. Ultraviolet light was used to detect them. Blood was also found on a small excavator near the house.

In the case, a suspect was detained and interrogated; a camera belonging to one of the two missing women was found, as well as photographs showing that he was at the place of their disappearance.

The police are looking for the bodies of the Russian women, because, given that no other photos or calls have been found on the mobile phone in recent days, they may have been the victims of the killer. The blood stain found in the house was identified from a toothbrush sample taken from one of the women.

The suspect recently rented a house from where the women disappeared. Police cordoned off the area and brought in specially trained dogs, as there are speculations that the missing may still be nearby.

According to a resident of this area, Kardama is a sparsely populated area where no matter what happens, no one sees or hears anything: “The whole area is cordoned off by the police, we cannot go there. I have fields nearby, and I managed to go. This house belongs to the Cypriot who rented it. As I found out, the house is full of blood both inside, and in the yard, and in the bucket of a small excavator. We may have seen the one who was arrested – to get to Cardamos, you have to go here. Searches are underway at the moment, and a lot of people are working there. ”

Another local resident claims that the police transported specially trained dogs to Kardamu: “This house is alone here, and as I found out, it belongs to a Cypriot, his name is Costa, who rented it. A man who was arrested in connection with the case lived there; they say that he did various jobs there. Everything is blocked around, and the trained dogs went there, maybe they will find two women buried there somewhere. “

Police announcement

Regarding the disappearance of the two women, the Cypriot police issued a statement: “The police received a report that 43-year-old Alraefsi Hayat and 33-year-old Maria Gazibagandova disappeared from the house where they lived in Larnaca on November 17, 2021.” The 43-year-old woman is described as being plump, approximately 1.60 m tall, with long blond hair and brown eyes. The 33-year-old is also plump, about 1.70 m tall, with long black hair and dark eyes.

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