Netherlands: quarantine fugitives arrested

The couple, quarantined in an Amsterdam hotel, decided to fly home and fled. The young people were arrested on board the plane preparing for takeoff.

Every tenth passenger of the two planes that arrived Friday at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport from South Africa tested positive for the coronavirus. A total of 624 people arrived. All of them were tested for the presence of COVID-19. Checks continued on Saturday. Some passengers, presumably, found a new strain of omicron, writes Reuters. According to the order of the authorities, “people with a positive test result will be placed in isolation at a hotel in Schiphol or near it.” It was later discovered that 13 of them had new strain Omicron.

The Dutch gendarmerie, represented by Stan Ferbeckt, reported on Sunday evening that a couple who had escaped from a quarantine hotel had been detained on a passenger plane at Sipol International Airport:

“The arrests were made while the plane was preparing to take off, it was about to fly to Spain.”

As ΑΜΠΕ reports, the young people are a Spanish citizen of 30 years old and a Portuguese citizen of 28 years old. A criminal case was opened against them for damaging “public safety”. Stephanie van Wardenburg, a health spokeswoman, said the couple were re-isolated, but in a different hotel. The young man tested positive, his partner did not, but both of them were quarantined.

Shortly before the incident, Health Minister Huho de Jongge announced that the authorities would introduce quarantine for passengers. Almost all those with confirmed infection are accommodated in the same hotel. Only a few were allowed to be isolated in their homes. Passengers with negative tests are also required to undergo home quarantine.

Dutch police have raised their vigilance over the hotel where quarantined prisoners are housed, a spokeswoman for the municipality said.

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