March 28, 2023

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Looking for a man who left a child in a stroller at the Archaeological Museum

The parents of the child, who was found abandoned in a baby carriage in the garden of the Archaeological Museum, are missing.

A little girl of about 2 years old was taken to the Children’s Hospital, where she underwent the necessary examinations and was completely healthy.

Authorities are looking for information about a man who left a child, as captured in a video posted by

In particular, you can see how a person with a stroller approaches a certain place, leaves it and leaves. The stranger is dressed in red shoes, a tracksuit, and a dark jacket with a white collar.

The police are currently examining the footage from security cameras in the area. If the identity of the man cannot be established, he will be searched for by DNA.

According to a local resident who discovered the little girl, the baby was very well cared for. She was cheerful, clean, and neatly dressed.

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