Another woman murder, 14th in 2021: 49-year-old man killed his wife in Thessaloniki

Another murder of a woman by her partner or spouse has added to the long list of murders recorded in 2021 in Greece.

This time the victim was a 48-year-old resident of Thessaloniki, who was killed by her husband.

According to, on Sunday evening, the 49-year-old emigrant from the former USSR approached the police officers of the DI.AS. emergency response team in front of the White Tower Police Department and confessed to the murder of his wife.

The police handcuffed him and took him to the department’s pre-trial detention center. Then, in a patrol car, they went to the house where, according to the detainee, the murder took place.

Indeed, a woman’s body was found in the apartment. The victim was found in a pool of blood in the bedroom of an apartment on rue Pontou in Polyhnia. According to GRTimes, the victim was stabbed in the chest and thighs. The weapon of the crime, a hunting knife, with which the husband dealt with his wife, was found in the apartment.

According to, the couple have a son, about 20 years old, who does not live with them. As it turned out later, the man was seen by a neurologist and took medications. And recently I stopped drinking them. His wife was a very quiet woman, she sewed at home, practically did not leave the apartment.

The case has been transferred to the Police Department of Thessaloniki.

It is noted that this is already the 14th murder of a woman in Greece in 2021

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