USA “gave” Greece more than a thousand M1117 armored cars

The Greek army received the first batch of M1117 Guardian armored personnel carriers as part of the US program for the supply of surplus military products abroad.

The senior military ranks of the Greek army spoke with appropriate gratitude for the help of the American partner. However, it raises a big question to what extent this “gift” is gratuitous.

As part of the first delivery, 44 vehicles were transferred, 450 units are planned to be shipped by the end of the year, and by April 2022 the deal will be closed, having delivered a total of 1200 М1117.

The Ptisidiastima edition indicates that the M1117 will replace the Mercedes GD240 SUV.

However, the “gift”, as is usually the case with the United States, has a double bottom. According to Shephard Defense Insight, Greece will pay $ 102 million for this “aid” – “for transportation costs and inspection costs. [то есть за проверку технического состояния]”. Also, the technique will require major repairs and the installation of additional subsystems necessary for it to be suitable for operation, which, accordingly, will entail substantial additional costs. In addition, as noted in the Greek press, the received armored personnel carriers have no weapons.

That is, in fact, Greece receives each M1117 armored personnel carrier for $ 85 thousand, plus the aforementioned expenses, which in the end will be at least slightly cheaper than the cost of a new armored car. Well, the cherry on the cake: in the future it will be necessary to purchase spare parts for this equipment (not to mention weapons), although it is argued that “the previously transferred machines were not used in any of the military operations.” And this is usually significantly more expensive than the cost of the equipment itself. Traditionally, the US military-industrial complex sells spare parts with a 300% mark-up. Quite a profitable business, however ….

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