Opponents of vaccination accepted the invitation of doctors and visited the red zones

In response to the call-invitation of Moscow doctors, well-known anti-inoculants made an excursion to the red zone of the capital’s clinical hospital № 15 named. Filatov.

Previously with an open letter Opponents of vaccination were approached by the chief doctors of the largest Russian “covid” hospitals. They invited the leaders of the anti-Axis movement to visit the “red zones” – intensive care units where patients with COVID-19 are located, and morgues. The addressees were politicians, musicians, artists, public figures indicated by name.

The chief physician of the Filatov hospital, Valery Vechorko, said that active opponents of vaccinations against coronavirus visited the hospital, but … a substantive dialogue did not work:

“Today we, as a matter of fact, agreed that they [противники вакцинации от коронавируса] They will come to us, and we, in general, will show the work from the inside, how all this happens with us, how our employees work, how patients are treated. <…> There is no dialogue, <…> one negative. <…> I realized that it is useless. “

The head physician said that the misunderstanding arose from the very beginning. Visitors were asked to wear special personal protective equipment to visit the red zone, but most of those invited refused to comply with the rules. So only those who agreed to the PPE got inside. They were in the GKB them. Filatova, the doctor says, is one and a half to two hours, which the overly busy doctors devoted to the guests. He tells:

“And here there is some kind of <...> pretense, some kind of laughter, this is an unhealthy situation, <...> but when they began to be rude before [одним из] patients, I said that we are closing this topic. They told me what to heal [коронавирус] need penicillin. There is no truth there, <...> this is a provocation. <...> They just scoffed. “

Valery Vechorko suggested that the unusual visitors did not come for the truth, not to see with their own eyes the whole horror of what was happening, but for the purpose of their own self-promotion.

At the end of September, our publication reported that the Greek government taken seriously for vaccine deniers and fake distributors. The authorities intend to promptly detect the disseminators of false information about the effectiveness of vaccines and their dangers. The “tsunami” of digital misinformation is growing and turning into a slowly burning “bomb” threatening public health, said Takis Theodorikakos, Minister of Civil Protection.

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