Turkey: “The development of events will be unpredictable for everyone”

Disappointment and anxiety have become pervasive in Turkish society after the deepening economic crisis that hit the prosperous segments of the population a few years ago.

According to a Turk of Greek origin, who now lives in the city of Smyrni, there are fears and data that were unknown until “yesterday”. “Real inflation is over 30%. Many believed they would save time before the elections, but the chain of events caused by successive devaluations makes each day very different from the next. “Everyone is saddened that they don’t know what will happen to him today in Turkey,” Aslan T. says in an interview. Greek edition Ethnos and admits that he goes to two more jobs to live on his meager pension.

The country is divided into atheists and Islamists

According to Aslan, the economic crisis has brought to the surface a number of other problems that have been lurking in recent years, such as the confrontation between atheists and Islamists. “Those who support Erdogan believe that the ruler of Turkey has trump cards up his sleeve. Those who do not support him say that he will be forced to resign long before the elections and in any case will lose the elections when they take place. In general, there is a strong division of opinion in everything that was not so evident in the previous period. Of course, all this scares us. We were given a lot of promises, but we see that the situation is getting worse every day. “

Living standards are lower than in Albania

According to Aslan, there is widespread controversy over wages for workers, which average just over 2,000 Turkish lira, or about $ 200 a month, while in Albania it is over $ 240 and in China $ 380 a month. “When entrepreneurs are unhappy, imagine what happens to the working class. 2000 lira per month is not enough for the life of a family. This money will only be enough for one person, and without rent and with strong savings. Imagine what happens in large families. The situation is very difficult. Any restrictions on the purchase of goods do not matter, because there are very few of those who have money. “

Comparing with Greece, he said: “Do not compare the situation in Turkey and Greece. At € 650 base salary in Greece, in Turkey your salary as a teacher would be the same, but the cost of living in Greece is double that in Turkey. The problems are cumulative, not just economic. There is usually a conflict between secularists who want to bring Turkey back to the West and those who want Turkey to turn deeper and deeper into an Islamic State. And all this in the midst of a crisis and pandemic. Of course, very few people can say something that is not anonymous. There is persecution, expulsion, dismissal, punishment, and everyone is afraid. “Most social media accounts are pseudonyms.”

Fuel and Drug Situation Worsening

According to Aslan, the biggest problem will be the rise in fuel prices or the shortage in the market, as well as the problems that are already observed in the drug market. “Since I know the pharmaceutical market well, I tell you that there will soon be a significant deficit due to reduced production, as well as a number of other factors related to imports and foreign exchange. The same goes for fuel. The situation is difficult and will turn into “ten liras per liter of gasoline – an unrealistic figure.”

30,000 cases per day

About 30,000 cases of coronavirus infection are recorded daily, and the death toll is just over 200 per day, but the country’s population is now approaching 85.5 million.

“The credit bubble will burst”

Aslan emphasizes that every day banks “bombard” citizens with messages and telephones in order to give them loans in the amount of 15,000 lira, that is, about 1,400 euros. “My phone rings every day. Many take these loans. The interest rate is close to 20% per annum. Many see this as a way to convert any income into euros or dollars and therefore think that they are earning, while others come to the conclusion: “As you know, this cannot go on forever, because citizens will not be able to repay these loans 100%, and therefore the bubble burst. I think we have seen something similar in Greece. “

“They don’t deal with Greece”

In Greece, news from Turkey occupies an important place in the news, but in Turkey this does not happen, says Aslan T.: “The phrase that Erdogan says about Greece may be the main news of the day, but here news about Greece very, very rarely gets to the top. -5 newsletters.

The population of the country is in shock. They don’t know if they will be on the road tomorrow with their children. They are very worried and anxious and don’t care what Greece is doing. In fact, yesterday the leader of the Kemalist official opposition CHP (Republican People’s Party) Kemal Kilintsaroglu turned to Erdogan and told him that he constantly mentions derogatory words about Greece, but there the base salary is 650 euros.

Who eats from golden spoons …

“Compared to other crises, I see that this time there is discontent among wealthy people and businessmen, those who“ ate from golden spoons ”in previous years and are now talking about changes for the first time. This is what sets this crisis apart. The business world calls for change and by its steps – either out of weakness or for reasons of expediency – accelerates the development of the situation. “

Unpredictable events

Finally, when asked about his assessment of political events, he said: “Erdogan is too selfish to back down. 2023. I can’t imagine what the ace he will pull out of his sleeve will be like. I wish he could do it so that we don’t have bad things and the option is heroic departure. “All this does not interest the hungry. My desire is one : to do it quickly and, above all, smoothly. In other cases, the course of events will be unpredictable for everyone. “

Editor’s note.

You don’t think that the so-called scenario is being realized in Turkey. “color revolution”?

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