Thessaloniki: a sergeant spat on a bank employee

The phrase “I spit on you” was implemented in Thessaloniki when a 40-year-old sergeant of the Greek Armed Forces spat on a bank employee for demanding a vaccination certificate.

It is reported that the sergeant has been arrested and will appear before a military court. The incident took place at a central bank branch in Thessaloniki, where a man came to transfer money. On “good morning,” the military refused to answer, as he refused to show a certificate of vaccination or Covid-19 disease. Realizing that he would not be serviced, he headed for the emergency exit to leave.

He began to react violently to the remark of bank employees that it was impossible to go out through the emergency exit, because the alarm was on there. “You cannot talk to me,” he told a bank employee, as eyewitnesses told… The inadequate visitor raised his hand threateningly at the bank employee.

Other visitors intervened, observing his behavior. The sergeant took off his mask and, in front of the shocked bank customers, spat on the bank employee’s neck and blouse. Immediately after that, he ran away from the bank, while the girl panicked, not knowing if the worst had happened and what was “in store for her” …

“Chasing” passers-by

The bank’s clients who saw what happened immediately went out into the street. The four men chased the soldier and stopped him 100 meters from the bank branch. The girl, who was spat on his neck, begged to tell her if he had the coronavirus. Naturally, she was scared, she was upset, she was in a state of shock, she did not know what to do …

At the police station, where the soldier was taken, it turned out that the man was serving in the army as a sergeant. “Are you sure you want to sue?” – repeatedly asked the bank employee at the police station. He allegedly claimed to be mentally unstable.

In the end, the girl’s application was accepted, as was the lawsuit filed by the bank. The sergeant was arrested and held in custody until the military prosecutor orders a military court hearing.

Meanwhile, later at the bank, the police discovered in his things, which he left in a panic, that he had a vaccination certificate, although he refused to show it. It is not known why he displayed such behavior without any reason, thereby upsetting the clients and employees of the bank’s main branch in Thessaloniki.

And if indeed, as he claims, he is mentally ill, then how and in what position does the sergeant serve in the army? Because in that case, we should be happy that nothing worse than banal spitting has happened.

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