Top 10 shipping countries – where is Greece located

The VesselsValue resource provided a list of the TOP-10 largest ship-owning countries, based on the cost of the fleet. 1st place was taken by China, 2nd by Japan, and 3rd by Greece.

Greece was ranked 3rd in this ranking, with a total fleet value of $ 145 billion, which means a “jump” of more than 50 billion in 2021 (at the beginning of the year $ 93.2 billion).

The country achieved this result thanks to the fact that Greek shipowners are the largest owners of tankers, although profits in this sector fell to historically low levels during the pandemic crisis.

However, at the same time, the value of new ships and therefore their resale value has increased by 20-30% in a number of categories such as VLCC, Suezmax and Aframax. And this is only in 2021.

At the same time, Greece has the most expensive LNG (liquefied natural gas) fleet, which has jumped by $ 2 billion since the beginning of the year (and, apparently, this is just the beginning).

Finally, the cost of the bulk carrier fleet, which is now estimated at $ 53 billion ($ 28 billion at the beginning of 2020), has almost doubled.

China in 1st place

First on VesselsValue’s list is China, which has surpassed Japan, which previously held that position, and now operates a $ 191 billion fleet with the largest number of container ships. This in itself demonstrates the dynamics of the Chinese fleet, as containers are currently the # 1 asset in world trade.

It is no coincidence that from January 2021 to date, China has ordered a total of 516 new container ships to meet the explosive demand for freight transport around the world.

In second place, behind China, Japan, which with a fleet of US $ 187 billion, remains one of the leading forces in shipping. By the second half of 2021, its value soared by $ 70 billion.

Top 10 China $ 191 billion Japan $ 187 billion Greece $ 145.8 billion US $ 96.3 billion Singapore $ 78.4 billion Germany $ 76.7 billion South Korea $ 58.2 billion Britain $ 54 , 5 billion Taiwan $ 47.8 billion Norway $ 43.1 billion

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