Mosaic depicting the battle of Achilles and Hector discovered in Great Britain

In Great Britain, on a farm field, a unique ancient Roman mosaic was found, which depicts a scene from Homer’s Iliad.

In Rutland County, farmer Jim Irwin quite by accident, while walking in 2020, found fragments of a mosaic on his father’s field, according to the BBC. He immediately contacted an archaeological team at Leicestershire County Council, and experts from the University of Leicester undertook to explore the area.

Experts from the Historical England Center, which funded the urgent excavation, praised the mosaic as “one of the most significant finds in Britain.” After studying, they concluded that it was created about 1.5 thousand years ago. It depicts a scene from Homer’s Iliad – the battle between Achilles and Hector at the walls of Troy. This is the first mosaic in the UK with such a storyline.

John Thomas, a spokesman for the University of Leicester, commented on the find:

This is by far the most interesting mosaic found in Britain over the past century. It allows you to take a fresh look at the people of that time, at their attitude to classical literature.

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