December 11, 2023

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IBM – Considering New Research Investments in Greece

IBM is considering further investments in research and innovation in Greece, which has entered a new era with the recent spin-off of the technology infrastructure services sector and a focus on technologies such as hybrid clouds and artificial intelligence.

“The new IBM business, formed after November 3 through the spin-off of the technology infrastructure services industry from the parent company, is expected to generate 70% of software and consulting services revenue, with the remaining 30% from infrastructure (infrastructure) and technology.” – said Spyros Poulidas, President and CEO of IBM Greece and Cyprus, during a press briefing. He recalled that the technology company has already established two centers of excellence in Greece. One of them, founded in 2014, concerns Big Data and the business sector and “has since evolved and has been fully integrated into the network of corresponding IBM centers around the world,” he said characteristically. The second was opened in 2020 and deals with the area of ​​basic banking applications.

In the field of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence

Two centers of excellence support the company’s projects in Greece, Cyprus and the rest of Europe, while, as mentioned, various technology areas, possibly in the areas of hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence, are being assessed for appropriate investments in Greece. The first data center employs about 60-70 people, while the second center started with 14-15 jobs and will develop with the creation of 100 jobs.

Globally, prior to the industry divestiture and the creation of the independent Kyndryl, the company had revenues at the end of 2020 of $ 74 billion, while IBM’s turnover from its operations in Greece and Cyprus is 147 million (up 10%) compared to 2019), of which 10-12% is accounted for by the revenues of the narrow public sector, and the rest is accounted for by the private sector.

Single-digit growth is expected in 2021 and 2022, with the company also interested in the projects of the Recovery Fund. Finally, Mr. Pulidas considers it positive that a large volume of public digital projects is planned and planned, however, due to the lack of managers, it is difficult to execute and absorb them from the market in a short time.

IBM was the first world-class company to host its Data Center in Greece, but is stepping on its heels Microsoft, which will soon begin construction of a large data center near Athens.

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