The maniac terrifies women

A few days after the arrest of an exhibitionist who frightened women in the center of Volos, the police received a new complaint about the actions of a middle-aged man who persecutes and insults women at night.

According to, the incident took place on Wednesday evening on Admitu Street in Volos. The woman who was walking her dog came face to face with an inadequate man who began to chase her, yell and swear violently. The victim of the attack, in order to get rid of the pursuer, quickly ran to the residential building where she lives and managed to escape. According to the description she gave to the police, he was a tall, middle-aged man with short hair around his bald head, wearing a jumpsuit.

It is obvious that the pandemic crisis has affected the mental state of the population. “Evidence from previous epidemics suggests that social isolation associated with quarantine can have serious psychological consequences, including increased stress and decreased emotional well-being,” the researchers said. Psychopathic traits may represent additional characteristics that govern psychological responses to COVID-19, experts say.

Psychopathy is characterized by affective disorders (heartlessness, lack of empathy), interpersonal characteristics (manipulativeness, social dominance) and behavioral disorders (impulsivity, desire for thrills), experts explained. Clinical psychopaths make up about 1% of the population, but to some extent their traits are common in the rest of the population.

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