Nostradamus: Predictions for 2022

? Peace between Russia and Ukraine, the unification of North and South Korea, Putin cooperates with aliens and other surprises await humanity in 2022, according to the Bulgarian edition of Fakti.

The legendary Nostradamus is well known for his prophecies – he predicted the Great Fire in London, Napoleon’s rise to power, the creation of the atomic bomb, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the election of Donald Trump, and much more.

Here’s what he predicts for 2022:

✔️ Unification of North and South Korea
North and South Korea will unite, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will be overthrown and asked for asylum in Russia.

✔️ Widespread use of solar energy
In 2022, solar technology will be widely used in most regions of the world, helping to combat rising energy prices and climate change.

✔️ Space tourism
Nostradamus predicts space tours in 2022, although a similar experiment was carried out in September this year – the SpaceX space capsule launched the first four space tourists into orbit.

✔️ USA will become increasingly unmanageable and incompetent
The global empire will become increasingly unmanageable and incompetent. This will start from the moment Trump came to power.

✔️ Aliens will conclude an alliance with Vladimir Putin
According to some prophecies of Nostradamus, extraterrestrial civilization will conclude an alliance with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin – “the third Antichrist.”

✔️ Peace between Russia and Ukraine
Russia and Ukraine will conclude a peace agreement, but its terms are not yet clear. The US will oppose, but Germany and other EU countries will approve of it.

What else, according to the prophecies of Nostradamus, awaits the world next year – read on our website!

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