No coronavirus vaccination – live on, euthanasia is not allowed

Strange, but true – in Germany, euthanasia cannot be done if the patient is not vaccinated or has not had a coronavirus.

German Association for Euthanasia, as reported AOJ, Posted on its website an announcement to all members of the community on November 19 under the headline: “Euthanasia for vaccinated and recovered patients only.” In it, she warns about the impossibility of doing this procedure in the absence of vaccination and explains the reason:

“Euthanasia and the preparatory study of the free responsibility of our members who wish to die require human closeness. However, the proximity of people is a prerequisite and breeding ground for the transmission of coronavirus. Our association has a 2G rule (according to this rule, a person must either be vaccinated or provide a document on recovery from the coronavirus), supplemented by situational measures such as rapid tests before meetings in closed rooms. “

Well, what can you say … It seems to be logical, but it means that without vaccination, now the path is closed to the next world?

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