Erdogan promises victory in the “economic war of independence”

The economic crisis has swept over Turkey. The President refers to the intrigues of external ill-wishers and reassures the population: “They have dollars, but we have a people and our Allah.”

Erdogan calls the collapse of the national currency “an economic war for independence.” The President firmly promises to win in it “with the help of Allah and the support of the people,” the newspaper writes. AOJ

During the year, the Turkish lira “fell in price” by half, the value of the dollar in the country increased from 7 to 13. According to analysts, the geopolitical and economic strategy of the Turkish president is too risky. And Erdogan tirelessly blames external forces and calms the population of the country – they will certainly emerge victorious from this “war for economic liberation”:

“We have experienced many attacks on our economy. (…) We will emerge victorious from this economic war of independence with the help of Allah and the support of our people. “

Despite the economic hardships, Erdogan is still popular among the poor religious representatives of the Turkish population. Gohan Yashar, a businessman from Istanbul, says that “the president is playing on patriotism and religion”:

“He introduces himself as ‘the leader of the Ottomans’. Islamism is gaining ground in the still secular Turkey. And now most people blame America for the problems with the lyre, but not the authorities. “

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