Digitalization: distance divorce, e-re-registration of real estate and 4 other digital applications

The digital government ministry has ready-made applications that are expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, including remote (electronic) divorce and other “time-consuming” things that can now be done easily and easily thanks to digitalization.

So, what new digital services will immediately “invade” our lives?

1. Judicial board (Πινάκιο της δίκης). According to the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis, special attention is paid to the sphere of justice. The digital court application will be ready next week, which will allow citizens to observe the work of the judicial collegium in real time.

2. Certificates of the baptism of the child (Χαρτιά για την βάπτιση ενός παιδιού και ονοματοδοσία). The whole saga of collecting the necessary documents that parents needed to receive in order to baptize their child or in the case of giving him a name, has now been simplified “in one click”, freeing citizens from standing in queues.

3. Video psychiatry services (Υπηρεσίες τηλεψυχιατρικής). As part of distance medicine, which has already been announced by Digital Government Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis, free video consultations on mental health issues will be offered through a dedicated platform.

4. Re-registration of real estate (Μεταβιβάσεις ακινήτων). As already mentioned by Mr. Pierracakis, a “digital real estate transfer file” system has been developed for notaries. The system, with the consent of the interested parties, will issue all the necessary certificates from information state systems.

5. Creation of an individual enterprise (Ίδρυση ατομικής επιχείρησης). The entire process will be completed easily and simply, avoiding bureaucratic procedures and inconveniences for stakeholders. “We are digitizing and simplifying procedures, we are empowering professionals,” said Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

6. Distance divorce (‘Αυλο διαζύγιο). An app is coming soon that will allow couples who want to split up by mutual agreement to do it quickly and without hassle. The whole process will be carried out through the application on the Internet. It is stipulated that both parties through an attorney will be able to dissolve their marriage electronically within 10 days, without going to court, using the platform of a single digital portal

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