Two scenarios for the development of a pandemic: how many cases there will be during the holidays

Two scenarios for the development of a coronavirus pandemic in the country were presented today by professor of pulmonology Nikos Tsanakis.

Speaking on the Κοινωνία Ώρα Mega program, the expert emphasized that Crete is in a better epidemiological position than the national average due to its geographic location.

Tsanakis: optimistic and pessimistic scenarios for the development of a pandemic
Concerned about the spread of the virus, the specialist reported 9,000-11,000 infections in early December, in a bad scenario. “We have announced two scenarios: favorable and unfavorable. Under the favorable scenario, in late November-early December, the growth curve of infections will flatten, and a little later, after the holidays, the situation will obviously worsen. from 5,000 to 6,000 cases, and this is a good scenario, “the expert noted.

Tsanakis: tough measures will improve pandemic response rates

“It would be nice if those who come into contact with vulnerable people in their home took a rapid test. Vaccinated people transmit the disease much less. Vaccinated people should definitely be checked if they have the slightest problem indicating a symptom. When going to an event, they can voluntarily conduct a rapid test, ”said the professor.

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