September 22, 2023

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Coronavirus: new symptoms in children

Russian doctors warn of new symptoms of COVID-19 in children, which indicate a severe course of the infection.

Svetlana Larionova, deputy chief physician for the medical department of the Kurgan Regional Children’s Hospital, tells about the appearance of joint pain, rash and inflammation of the mucous membranes, reports:

“It can also be a cough, fever, which does not respond to the action of antipyretic drugs. This is joint pain, inflammation of the mucous membranes. The clinic is similar to gastroenteritis, when there is abdominal pain, loose stools. “

The Russian specialist emphasizes that such symptoms indicate a severe course of the disease. Its outcome depends on the timeliness of treatment. She recommended getting children vaccinated against influenza, as studies show that such children are much easier to carry viral infections. Thanks to influenza vaccination, children are less likely to experience complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis, since vaccination helps the body to activate immunity. Acting Director of the Department of Health of the Kurgan Region Sigidaev adds:

“We need to train the immune system to respond appropriately. In children, she can adequately respond in two ways – either the child is constantly ill, or it is vaccination. “

Epidemiologist Gorelov draws attention to the fact that in every fifth sick child, the symptoms of COVID-19 are manifested by damage to the gastrointestinal tract. With the spread of the delta strain, the proportion of children with similar symptoms increased from 2% to 20%.

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