Number 1555: New Philosophy of Service to Citizens from the Department of Labor

Can a Greek citizen communicate with EFKA employees without spending a lot of time waiting on the phone or languishing in a queue? Until recently, many said that this was impossible.

However, the work of the Unified Call Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs shows that today something has begun to change.

The hotline with telephone number 1555 began its pilot operation in July last year, with the aim of significantly improving the service to citizens and solving chronic problems of communication with organizations such as EFKA. The new call center brings together the disparate who previously worked in the ministry without interconnection.

Citizens can call 1555 short number (toll-free) 24 hours a day and with minimal waiting time to request information, make inquiries and resolve unfinished business.

At the first stage, the call center took over the service of citizens on e-EFKA, OAED and OPECA issues. From the outset, the project was extremely complex, both technically and administratively, given the wide range of issues and procedures that had to be addressed.

Initial difficulties were overcome by appropriate remedial measures in cooperation with the competent authorities. The result of these efforts is reflected in the report on the operation of line 1555.

To date, the telephone hotline has served a total of about 400,000 calls (272,810 EFKA, 64,990 OAED, 58,033 OPEKA), with an average of 8,000 calls per day, the average waiting time did not exceed 15 seconds …

The percentage of answered calls reaches 99%, of which 84.4% were answered immediately, during a phone call, 12.8% of inquiries were answered at the second level (after consultation of telephone operators with specialists), and the remaining 2.8% of inquiries are awaiting response from services.

Having successfully completed the first steps, the work continues. All bodies and services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs have joined the line: SEPE, ERGANI, Social Solidarity Issues, Labor Issues, Equality and Population Policy Issues, SOS Gender Violence Line.

To support the operation of the call center, existing communication channels are being modernized, for example, the website, while new ones are being created, such as digital applications for mobile devices, etc.

Both the design and operation of the 1555 line still express a new service philosophy that benefits citizens and governments alike. They serve the purposes of a government that uses modern digital tools, saves costs and manages its resources efficiently, and respects the time, peace of mind and the needs of every citizen.

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