Nikos Karavelos: Never Say Never

Nikos Karavelos, head of the Papanikolaou intensive care unit, warns: “We are heading for tragedy.”

On the background yesterday’s summary on the spread of coronavirus, which reported 7,287 new cases and 105 deaths in the last 24 hours, Mr. Karavelos warns of the danger, commenting on the situation:

“We are heading for tragedy. We are faced with more restrictive measures. We are heading for a pandemic of the unvaccinated and vaccinated. Many mistakes have been made. … In Northern Greece, we have a low wall of immunity. Of the 50 hospitalized, 10-11 people are fully vaccinated, and those who have been vaccinated become ill and transmit the infection. The notion that they are invulnerable is wrong. Masks should come back everywhere. Vaccination has brought relaxation and this brings new cases. “

Head of department toldthat the hospital has registered 64 deaths from coronavirus in the last month. Of these, 85% were not vaccinated, and another 15% are elderly people who did not have time to take the third dose:

We’re flirting with five-digit cases and three-digit deaths. We are failing to build a wall of immunity. Never say never – we are facing more restrictive measures.

Anastasios Spantideas, professor of pathology, predicts:

“The wave of deaths and cases will continue in December. The coronavirus pandemic is one of the most severe pandemics to hit humanity. The measures need to be reviewed every week. A vaccinated person carries a low viral load, and transmission (infection) is more difficult than from an unvaccinated person, it takes a very long time. Unlike a vaccinated person, an infected unvaccinated person transmits the virus in a short time and remains a distributor for a longer period of time.

The professor noted relaxation in compliance with protective measures. He believes that the measures should be reviewed regularly, every week. And predicts that the government will have to take measures similar to those taken in Austria

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