Hierarch of the EOC warns of possible conflicts

Metropolitan of Thebes and Levadia of the Greek Orthodox Church George (Mandzuranis) said yesterday that testing tests in churches could lead to conflicts.

The hierarch of the EOC said that temples cannot become a place of tension and confrontation, which is inevitable if checks of covid documents begin. informs Оrthodoxia.info.

In his sermon, Metropolitan George of Thebes said that the Church of Hellas “received very bad marks from many sides,” criticized for its attitude to the quarantine measures introduced by the government:

“Now a government spokesman comes in and says they don’t want to create problems, but this is what is going to happen and this is not supposed to happen. Our churches should remain places of reconciliation with God and with each other, places of brotherhood and unity. They should not become places of confrontation, counter conflicts and tension. The church nationwide does not have the oversight mechanisms and staff to implement these stringent measures. Church commissioners and all helpers are volunteers and cannot, especially in the villages, oppose their fellow villagers and fellow citizens. Therefore, I would like to ask the Prime Minister and all those in charge to revise this chapter. I would also like to appeal to the rulers – representatives of the people – with a request to understand the problem and contribute to its solution. “

The hierarch draws attention to the fact that “the Church calls, begs, insists and recommends, but cannot force”:

“Christ Himself freely and naturally calls us to follow Him and does not oblige anyone to do anything more … And I would ask that we observe measures, but that none of us would allow any temple to become a place of confrontation. We all want to come to the Church for a short or long time in order to strengthen ourselves, calm down and get what we lack. “

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