UK plans to learn from Greece’s experience in settling migrants

As the Daily Telegraph reports on the front page, the UK plans to create centers similar to those built in Greece for asylum seekers:

“Prity Patel, UK Home Secretary, plans to intercept Greek-style immigrants with new restrictions for asylum seekers in the midst of the mounting European crisis.”

Patel also plans to learn from the experience of working with migrants from the Greek Minister for Migration Affairs, Notis Mitarakis. The publication publishes a recent photograph taken during her visit to Samos, together with his Greek counterpart. Following this trip, Ms. Patel noted that she was impressed “by the way Greece has digitized the asylum application process from start to finish to track cases, expedite decision-making and save millions from unnecessary bureaucracy.”

The publication reports that the minister plans to create centers similar to those built in Greece for asylum seekers. There, the movements of immigrants are constantly monitored, in order to avoid escape, their free movement is prohibited. The newspaper, citing a source in the British government, clarifies that:

“Any violation of the rules by them (migrants) could deprive them of their right to apply for asylum. Those wishing to apply must remain at the centers. This is true if you are provided with food and shelter. The Greeks set a specific timetable. “

During her recent trip to the United States, Ms. Patel hailed Greece’s immigration policy, saying it was a “very different” approach. More than 24,500 immigrants arrived in the United Kingdom in 2021 alone, according to the British Statistical Office. This is 3 times more than for the entire 2020. Wherein analysts emphasizethat in November alone the number of migrants was about 5 thousand, “despite the colder weather and the most dangerous conditions at sea.”

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