The third vaccination reduces the risk of infection with covid by 95%

The third dose of the vaccine reduces the likelihood of contracting the coronavirus by 95%, said EKPA President Thanasis Dimopoulos, citing a study by Pfizer.

Analyzing the data, Mr. Dimopoulos explained that it was carried out on 10 thousand people who received a second dose, and then were divided into groups – half received a third dose, and the rest received a placebo.

For those who received the third dose, he told SKAI, no deaths were registered, and the probability of infection was reduced by 95%, ”the rector explained. “It is recommended that the 3rd dose be administered as soon as possible after the platform is opened,” he said, adding that the nosological response to the virus after the 3rd dose is much higher compared to the protection provided by the two vaccinations.

Talking about the chances of myocarditis and pericarditis in adult men after vaccination, he noted that a very recent study showed that this applies only to two cases per 1 million doses.

5th wave of covid warning
The third dose is considered crucial to stop the third wave, although the signs of danger of the onset of the fifth wave of the pandemic are growing, “if vaccination rates do not increase quickly and contacts between citizens (crowds in crowded places) do not decrease,” said Lothar Viller, expert at Ινστιτούτου Ρόμπερτ Κοχ … According to the model investigated by the institute, “unless the restrictions are consistently enforced and vaccinations are not increased, we will have a fifth wave,” Wheeler told the German News Agency.

The further development of the situation this winter “largely depends on what is happening now,” he added, and reiterated that major celebrations should be canceled both indoors and outdoors.

The head of the scientific institute continues to advocate prevention, even in those states where there is no outbreak of a pandemic. “There we have the opportunity to reduce the number of cases. “Where the numbers are too high, it’s actually too late,” he said. However, “a vaccine is a way out of a pandemic and a very high level of protection,” the expert summed up his speech.

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