ENFIA: new account 70 million euros less

According to the budget report, next year property owners as a whole will pay ENFIA tax 70 million euros less, excluding the benefits of including 3,463 regions in the target system.

The submission of the new ENFIA, which will take effect in 2022, appears to be delayed. “Be patient for a few more months,” a Treasury official said, pointing out that the new target values ​​are already included in the existing zones, and during that period, checks are being made to see if the new rates are producing the desired result.

However, according to the budget report, next year property owners as a whole will pay 70 million euros less. In particular, the budget presented to parliament today envisages the collection of revenues from ENFIA in the amount of 2.503 billion euros next year, against total confirmed revenues of 2.570 billion euros this year. According to officials from the Ministry of Finance, a “budget space” of 70 million euros will be used next year.

1. New scale for calculating the main tax. The task force is developing various scenarios with a large number of scales and factors to reduce the “heavy burden” that has been placed on the shoulders of those with low and medium value housing assets.

2. Many homeowners will pay a reduced tax after the tax redistribution. That is, those who own a lot of objects of low value, ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 euros each, will see a decrease in the ENFIA bill next year due to the merger of the additional real estate tax with the main tax.

3. Starting from the new year, the main and additional taxes will be calculated for each property separately on the basis of a new uniform scale with higher rates compared to the current ones, and will increase in accordance with the price of the zone in which the property is located.

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