Christmas decorations injured 6 women in a shopping center in Switzerland

A frame with Christmas decorations collapsed from a height of 10 meters in a shopping center in Switzerland.

In the center of Ibach, Switzerland, in a shopping center, a huge five-sided structure with New Year’s decorations collapsed on the heads of the women underneath, the Luzerner Zeitung reported on Saturday. Visitors stood at the counters, six of them were taken to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed severe injuries in two women, and mild injuries in four.

The shopping center was freed from buyers, emergency services worked at the scene. The main question during the investigation: how did it happen that the suspended structures under the dome broke off and fell on clients from a height of ten meters?

The photo, taken shortly before the incident, shows a large crowd of buyers around the counters. There was a suitcase Christmas fair yesterday. Above the heads of visitors there are bright New Year’s balls on a star-shaped structure. Many witnesses to the incident were in a state of shock. The employees of the center took care of them.

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