"She went away": things of a student killed by monsters became exhibits

The mother of Eleni Topaludi, a student who died a terrible death at the hands of two sadistic boys, donated her daughter’s clothes for the She’s gone exhibition.

Kula Armutidou’s words about violence against women were heartbreaking on the occasion of the exhibition She Gone, which features the clothes of murdered women, some of which belonged to an unfortunate student who was raped and murdered in Rhodes in 2018.

“We chose them together with Giannis … and cried over every thing until we decided to part with them. It was a very difficult process – to realize that every piece of clothing that once belonged to our girl, now there is no one to wear … We do not want anything belonging to her to “leave” the threshold of our house. But we could not help but respond to the call to participate in the efforts made by the organizers of the exhibition, ”said Ms Armutidu, speaking on the Open channel.

As she explains, behind every thing is a story and lost dreams. “My life is ruined … We had dreams of raising our daughter so that she could get an education, travel, work in the diplomatic corps. They” stole “her from me … Sometimes I get angry with myself because I insisted so knowledge, it seemed to me that this would give her the path to life. But it turned out the opposite. It was the road to death, “concluded the mother of the tragically deceased diligent student.

Course of events

The guys came to visit the girl. And then they tried to rape her, as a result of which the student uttered a phrase that cost her her life: “Leave me alone, or I will report to the police!” Apparently the brutalized guys realized that they could go to jail, and decided not to leave witnesses.

The 19-year-old Albanian was holding an electric iron in his hand, which he used to hit the girl who resisted the rapists. From the blow, she received a severe head injury, which, according to the coroner, could lead to death. However, this did not seem enough to the sadists, they tied the victim, who was unconscious, taken out of the apartment and thrown from a height of 10 meters into the sea.

The forensic expert stated that “the girl was conscious and remained alive for about 8 hours, but, once in the water, she choked as she was tied up.”

Hot on the trail, the criminals were arrested, and their guilt was fully proven (based on the prints in the victim’s house and genetic material).

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