Doctors-“anti-axers” may be left without diplomas

Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, supported the proposal to strip Russian doctors of diplomas for campaigning against vaccination.

In its statement today “RIA News” He says:

“I fully support these proposals. Fully. <...> People are being ruined, that is, they are being killed. What kind of doctor is this? Why should you call him a doctor? Because he has a diploma? And he used it completely inappropriately: not for the purposes for which his state and society gave him the opportunity to treat and be an intermediary between a medical procedure, a medicine – a vaccine in this case – and, accordingly, a sick person or a person who might get sick. “

The proposal to deprive the diplomas of anti-virus doctors was received earlier from the candidate of medical sciences Alexander Bashkin. According to the senatorBy discouraging citizens from being vaccinated against coronavirus, such doctors act unprofessionally, and they should be deprived of their diplomas for life:

“This is a violation of the medical code, the Hippocratic oath, the code of honest doctors.”

Bashkin noted that calls to refuse vaccination face liability in the form of dismissal. He suggested to think about its tightening. For example, empower the courts to revoke their licenses or replace disciplinary liability with administrative or even criminal liability.

Gunzburg remindsthat the doctor is an intermediary between the patient and the treatment, appointed by the state. In this situation, the treatment is the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mikhail Murashko, head of the Russian Ministry of Health, noted on November 10 that the behavior of anti-virus doctors is incorrect and unprofessional. However, his assistant Aleksey Kuznetsov clarified that Murashko does not consider it necessary to introduce additional responsibility for doctors who are against vaccination. It is obvious that such behavior of health workers endangers not only health, but also the lives of citizens. However, the minister responded to the proposal of the deputies to amend the legislation that this is not required.

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