You can now certify the original signature using your smartphone

From Friday, November 19, residents of Greece can digitally sign any document or contract through the portal as two new services are now available: Digital Document Certificate and Private Agreement Digital Certificate.

It should be noted that together with the digital version of the responsible statement (υπεύθυνης δήλωσης), the digitization of services related to the authentication of signatures for all private documents written by citizens and businesses has been fully completed.

The new services were presented to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis by the political leadership of the Digital Government Ministry this Friday morning. As the Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis analyzed in the presentation, “Digital Document Certificate” refers to documents with one signature, and “Digital Certificate of a Private Agreement” refers to documents with two or more signatories. The two new services, along with a digital version of the authorization and declaration of responsibility, are available at, which will now function as a collection point for all services to certify a genuine signature. They are also available through the public services portal ( in the Citizen and Everyday Life section (Πολίτης και καθημερινότητα), at the link

The operation of the two services is very simple. Initially, in order to be identified, a citizen performs the same actions as in other cases when it is necessary to authorize to enter the system of public services:

either through Taxisnet codes if the citizen has a verified mobile phone number, or with web banking codes (National Bank of Greece, Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Attica Bank, Pancretan Bank, Epirus Bank, Cooperative Bank of Karditsa, Bank of Central Macedonia, Bank of Chania or Deposit and Loan Fund).

Then the citizen places a document in pdf format on which he wants to certify his signature. The process ends as soon as you enter a one-time code (OTP – One Time Password), which is sent to your specified mobile phone number. Immediately after that, the document is registered in its box on and is available for storage, printing or sending to any government agency.

In cases where a document is signed by more than one person, the first user enters the VAT payer number and the names of the persons who signed the document, who are able to sign the document by following the same steps. When the process is completed by the last signatory, the document will appear in their mailboxes at

The digital certificate of the original signature (s) is placed at the end of each document generated by the two new services. In addition, the unique code and QR code of the document are indicated at the bottom of each page so that it can be easily verified for authenticity. Verification is carried out through… This increases the security of transactions and the reliability of documents that are used both between citizens and between citizens and the state.

Serving a private contract starts with support for up to two signers. In the next few days, an option will be added for more people as well as displaying digital certificate text in English.

As a reminder, the Authorization and Statement of Responsibility were the first services developed in the new environment and launched in March 2020. Since then, over 6 million permits and mission statements have been prepared electronically, saving the same number of visits to KEP or police stations.

The presentation was also attended by Minister of State Georgios Gerapetritis, Minister of State in charge of coordinating the government project, Akis Skertsos, Deputy Minister of Digital Government in charge of Facilitation of Procedures, Minister of Communications Georgios Georgantas, Deputy Minister of Digital Government in charge of Telecommunications and Land Registry, Theodoros Libanios, Secretary General of Public Administration Information Systems Demosthenes Anagnostopoulos, Secretary General for Digital Governance and Facilitation Leonidas Christopoulos, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Prime Minister’s Press Office Dimitris Tsiodras.

A warning!!!

The author, just in case, reminds that simultaneously with making life easier for users, another problem arises – the danger that your data can be used by a stranger or a fraudster (hacker).
Be attentive and careful before installing new programs and applications on your phone and computer, and be sure to block it with a password + fingerprint, and also regularly check your devices using antivirus software.

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