Local authorities will issue a temporary AMKA for vaccination

Local authorities are allowed to issue a Temporary Social Security Number (AMKA) ΠΑΜΚΑ that can only be used for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Under the new measure, published in the Government Gazette, anyone, regardless of place of residence or citizenship status, can apply for a temporary AMKA (ΠΑΜΚΑ) directly to the local authorities in their place of residence or through a representative of an authorized nongovernmental organization.

The provision of ΠΑΜΚΑ, as envisaged in the decision, is carried out through the IDIKA electronic platform, which includes authorized employees (users) of social services, community centers and local government immigration integration centers (OTAs) of the desired degree to participate in the PAMKA provision process.

Any employee of the municipality can participate in this process in any employment relationship if he has been certified as a user through IDIKA, which is responsible for activating or deactivating users.

For the issuance of a temporary AMKA, in accordance with the decision made, any identity documents presented by an individual are accepted in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 248 of Law 4782/2021, and verification of the legality of stay is not carried out.

Identity documents are considered: special identity card of a foreigner, birth certificate, passport, temporary residence permit – regardless of whether they are valid. Also, decisions on deportation, refusal of first and second degree asylum, release from prison and even official records of the Greek police in case of a delay in the execution of the expulsion decision can be made as an identity document.

It is worth noting that in Greece, several thousand people live without AMKA: people whose asylum applications were rejected, but they did not return either to Turkey or their countries of origin, as well as people who lost insurance due to unemployment, despite that they have lived for many years as immigrants in the country. In addition, these are mainly foreign women who work as housewives and do not have legal documents, residence permits and, therefore, social security.

According to the authorities, now this procedure, which previously took up to 1 month, will be carried out within a few hours. Lawyers also argue that this document may contribute to further legalization, as it was in the early 2000s.

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