Kyriakos Mitsotakis on new measures from Monday

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has announced five new additional pandemic measures that affect unvaccinated citizens and take effect from Monday 22 November 2021.

In his address, Mr. Mitsotakis said that access to closed public spaces for unvaccinated citizens has been closed since Monday. The announced measures will be in effect for the next two months.

The government is taking such a step in connection with a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases in recent weeks – in yesterday’s summary, 7,317 new infections were announced.

New measures:

From next Monday, adult unvaccinated citizens will not be able to enter enclosed spaces (except for catering establishments, even those with a negative test. These include museums, gyms, theaters and cinemas. To attend church services, unvaccinated parishioners must have a fresh test for coronavirus. stipulated in the circular of the Holy Synod. The period of validity of the certificate of vaccination for vaccinated persons over 60 years of age is set at 7 months from the date of issue. To extend it, the third dose must be inoculated within the seventh month after the main vaccination. protection after the first two vaccinations.In the public and private sectors, a staggered work schedule is introduced in order to unload public transport at certain times. it seemed the prime minister, in the national battle there are no “suckers” and “smart people”, and everyone must act decisively – the government, local government, professional associations. Further strengthening of the national health system is of paramount importance. Private intensive care units are already in use. The services of private doctors are in demand where there is increased pressure. Basically, there is a recruitment of specialists for positions that remain vacant due to the removal of unvaccinated medical workers.

Message from the Prime Minister of Greece:

I appeal to you again to present the real situation with the pandemic in our country. To share my thoughts on the outbreak of the fourth wave that hit all of Europe. And in order to announce the government’s decisions on how we move forward.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the Delta mutation has slowed down the coronavirus epidemic around the world. But everywhere the vaccine gives a victory to a person, and not a disease. For health, not pain. At large, not in restrictions. Because wherever vaccinations take place, the virus goes away.

We see this happening in countries with a higher level of protection than ours, especially in old age. For example, in Portugal or Denmark, the incidence may rise, but there hospitals and intensive care units are not filled with patients. The losses are also small.

More than 7 million Greeks have chosen the vaccine today. Three out of four adults. However, 575,000 fellow citizens over the age of 60 remain unprotected, and we know they are hardest hit by the virus. While almost 1.5 million people from the same group were vaccinated for 6 months. Although they are protected, they become more vulnerable because they have fewer antibodies.

After all, science warns us that over time, our body’s defenses are depleted. Consequently, the booster dose of the vaccine becomes crucial. And it is this element that fulfills our main task: all the elders should take the first dose, and all those who have already been vaccinated – the third.

Hidden in this data is the truth about the pressure on the healthcare system: almost nine out of ten patients currently being tested in our intensive care unit are not vaccinated. And those who are seriously ill, either were not vaccinated at all, or did not strengthen the defenses of their bodies with a dose-reminder.

So it’s really “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” because the vaccinated, even if they get sick, will have mild consequences. Consider that if we had a percentage of older people wearing armor in Portugal – and Greece, I remind you, is the second oldest in Europe – intubation would be five times less.

Our doctors and nurses, especially in Northern Greece, are superhuman efforts to keep medical facilities ready. That is why, along with gratitude, I reaffirm my commitment to support them. Realizing that together, on this adventure, we are creating the new NSS that we all want.

Once again, I urge some to stop trying to reap the benefits of time by participating in human drama. We need clearer minds and unity today than ever before. Not an instrumentalization of pain and bilingualism, but concrete and realistic sentences.

Greece grieves unnecessary losses because it simply does not have the same vaccination rates as other European countries. And this despite the flawless campaign he organized. The government and society, however, signed a pact of honor together: not to shield the vaccine again with a shield. And we must abide by the terms of this agreement.

Let’s not forget that it is precisely because we have not reduced economic activity that the country has achieved the third highest European growth rate. And the biggest reduction in unemployment with 180,000 new jobs. And, of course, with our open and safe schools, with the many tests we run.

All countries are constantly adjusting their position depending on the behavior of the virus, local, demographic characteristics, as well as the balance between the adequacy of the measure and its ability to be implemented and implemented. We also follow this flexible policy in the Greek realities.

Our latest initiatives are already bearing fruit, with over 350,000 first vaccinations carried out in recent weeks. And half of the citizens who have already been vaccinated and have the opportunity to take the third dose have already done or planned it.

This proves that encouragement and encouragement are more powerful than general aphorisms of commitment. This is why I believe that even those who are still hesitant can change their minds by listening to what vaccinated people who are sick have to say. Those who saw death alone in bed in the intensive care unit.

I am also optimistic that they will weigh things more calmly. And they will realize that if they get vaccinated themselves, their lives will finally become much easier. Without additional restrictions and financial burdens, next to your people and comfortable in society. This is exactly what the additional measures I am announcing today are aimed at:

With this plan, we move on to the next two months. To make Christmas this year better than last year. Until then, constant checks, numerous tests and personal protective measures to stabilize and reduce cases. And vaccination with the first and third doses, especially for people over 60 years old, reduces the number of hospitalizations and accidents.

In fact, especially with regard to the validity of certificates, in my letter to the President of the European Commission, I propose that the European Digital Certificate is valid only if it states the third installment after the semester. In order to avoid cracks in the wall of immunity, which is already built on our continent.

My fellow citizens, as you can see, these are encouraging decisions, not repressive ones. With a mood of persuasion, not confrontation, which breeds division and social automation. As I said, more than one wrong view hurts me with wrong loss. That is why I continue to urge you to hear the voice of reality around us: mourning for a pregnant woman and the young children we have lost. The words of those who believed in lies and survived the horror of resuscitation. But also the concern of our doctors.

I also urge you to turn your back on fear and on every charlatan who trades in ignorance for his advertising and promotion. Disobedience to the call of experts is not an act of “resistance” to the state, but a deviation from logic and common interests. Give in to darkness and danger.

And I repeat: if you vaccinate all the elderly, the coronavirus will become a type of seasonal flu. And if everyone follows the rules of personal hygiene, then it can disappear. In relation to each of us at home, at work, in communication, becoming the guardians of our own health.

This is exactly what I am asking you to do. Recreation of trusting relationships between the state and citizens, which brings excellent results. Following the instructions of science and the state. And the implementation of the only slogan that leads to an optimistic mood the next day: get vaccinated, get vaccinated, get vaccinated!

See the message from the Prime Minister of Greece:

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