There can be one more state in the world

The parliament of a small island in New Zealand will soon begin hearings on independence. The discussion is timed to coincide with the centenary of its entry into the Polynesian state.

First, a little help. Tokelau is a territory ruled by New Zealand. It consists of 3 small islands located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Samoa. The dependent territory of Tokelau is part of the Kingdom of New Zealand.

So the head of the government of Tokelau, Aliki Kelihiano Kalolo, as reported by the Guardian, announced the upcoming debate in parliament (Fono) on a possible change in the status of the island to an independent one.

The hearings will take place in December. This is not the first attempt to achieve independence – in 2006-2007 this issue was already raised. But in order to obtain autonomy, it is necessary to gain 66.6% of the votes in favor, which was previously not achieved.

This time, in addition to the traditional pros and cons, the islanders will have more options for expressing their opinions, including the full integration of Tokelau into New Zealand. If the result of the vote is secession, then a new “independent associated state” will appear, completely autonomous from the metropolis, governing everything except security and foreign policy.

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready for any outcome, respecting the will of the people of Tokelau, but on mutually beneficial terms. At the same time, Wellington, according to the Guardian, had previously actively promoted the idea of ​​the island’s autonomy so that the country would no longer be included in the UN list as a state with colonial possessions.

Great Britain annexed Tokelau in 1916, and in 1925 the territory was transferred under the control of the Governor-General of the Dominion of New Zealand. Since then it has been a New Zealand Dependent Territory. It is home to only 1,400 people, so if independence is gained, Tokelau will become the second country after the Vatican with the smallest population. And the world will get another independent country.

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