Next "bomb"that will undermine the health of the population

The so-called “latent pandemic”, the possible source of the next health crisis, as British scientists warn, are antibiotic-resistant infections.

It is reported that one in five people who had circulatory infections in 2020 in the UK did not respond to antibiotics.

In anticipation of winter, scientists warn that the number of infections of this kind may increase. “Antimicrobial resistance has been characterized as a hidden pandemic, and it is important that we continue to fight and not focus on Covid-19,” said Susan Hopkins, chief medical adviser to the United Kingdom Health Insurance Agency (UKHSA).

“It is possible that the restrictions during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, combined with prevention and control measures, played a role in reducing antibiotic resistance,” she said, adding, “The number of antibiotic-resistant infections will increase again if we do not act responsibly. “

Commenting on the Antimicrobial Resistance Report released today, a UKHSA spokesperson said adequate controls and training of health care personnel in the correct use of antibiotics are needed.

What is the problem
Antibiotics are prescribed for a variety of bacterial infections that cause pneumonia, meningitis, or even sepsis. Modern medicine often relies on antibiotics to protect patients who have other health problems or who are about to undergo surgery. However, in a number of cases, they are not prescribed correctly, to treat much smaller health problems, such as ear or throat pain. However, they may have little effect on a given disease, or even have no effect.

Taking antibiotics when they are not needed helps increase antimicrobial resistance, which in turn can cause serious health complications, leading to an increase in infections and diseases.

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