Maximum cases in a week since the end of September

The number of detected infections with coronavirus on the planet in just 7 days increased by 3.4 million. This is the highest figure in a week since the end of September and 0.3 million more than last week. The sad statistics of deaths are disappointing.

For seven days, 51.5 thousand deaths were registered in the world, when the sick could not win in an unequal struggle, reports TASS… This indicator has increased, compared to the same period, by 2.6 thousand.

According to the WHO, Europe has recently accounted for half of the new infections and deaths from coronavirus in the world. These are the highest numbers since April last year, when it reached its initial peak in Italy.

The Head of the WHO Regional Office for Europe notes that the situation is alarming and fear. In particular, calling Europe the hotbed of a new pandemic crisis, epidemiologists fear the rampant coronavirus, which is now going to the West from Eastern Europe – the number of vaccinated there is small, and the level of new infections is high. It also grows in European countries.

Despite the fact that Europe has become the epicenter of the spread of COVID-19, the situation in different countries is ambiguous. Where herd immunity is above 70%, that is, good vaccination coverage, mortality is significantly lower, despite the outbreak of new cases. Judge for yourself.

In Germany, about 250 thousand new cases were registered in a week (1.5 times more than in the past 7 days). The maximum for the entire period of the pandemic was noted on November 11 – more than 50 thousand cases were recorded per day. The mortality rate has doubled in 7 days – about 200 people die in the country every day.

The incidence in Spain (4 thousand per day) and in Italy (8.5 thousand in 24 hours) increased by one and a half times. But in these countries, vaccination coverage is 80%, and the number of deaths every day does not exceed 50 people.

In France, the vaccination campaign is being carried out with the same success – 80% are vaccinated. About 14 thousand cases are registered daily, but the average number of deaths is about 30.

The daily infection rates in the UK are quite high at 40,000. Every day, an average of 150 sick people lose the battle for their lives.

In Eastern Europe, the number of new cases has gradually stabilized and in some countries has begun to decline, but mortality is high.

In Romania, about 4000 infections are recorded daily (in October – more than 18 thousand). About 400 patients die every day, although this figure has begun to decline in the past three days.

Ukraine is a sad leader among the countries of Eastern Europe in terms of morbidity. Over the past week, there has been some downward trend in the spread of coronavirus, the number of infected turned out to be 8 thousand fewer. But still more than 23 thousand new cases are registered every day, and on November 9, an anti-record for deaths was set – 833 people died.

In Bulgaria and Serbia, the incidence fell by 25% over the past week, in Latvia – by 50%. And the Czech Republic and Poland are showing an increase in the number of people infected – 14-18 thousand daily.

In Turkey, the daily rate of new cases has been approximately 20,000 since September. Over the past 7 days, it has grown to an average of 23,500. Every 24 hours, approximately 200 patients die in the country who do not cope with covid.

In India, the number of new infections is gradually decreasing, now it is less than 12 thousand per day, but the number of deaths exceeds 500 per day. About half of the population is vaccinated in the country. But still, in most countries of Asia and the Middle East, new outbreaks of infection are not observed, and the rate of spread of infection is decreasing.

In Greece yesterday, November 16, EODY announced 8,129 new cases of coronavirus, 547 cases are on intubation, 80 deaths increase the sad death toll from COVID-19. The incidence in Thessaloniki and Attica is still high. The total number of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic in Greece was 839,000, with 16,838 deaths. Fully vaccinated 60.4% of the population, that is 6.47 million people.

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