Great Britain: taxi driver prevented a large-scale terrorist attack

In British Liverpool, a taxi driver managed to block a suicide bomber in a car, preventing a large-scale tragedy.

Sunday night, says The sun with reference to a police report, an explosion thundered near the building of the women’s hospital in Liverpool – one person was killed, another was injured. A taxi that drove up to a medical facility exploded. As it turned out, the car driver noticed the passenger’s inappropriate behavior and managed to jump out, closing him inside. Thus, the taxi driver David Parry prevented a tragedy, as a result of which there could have been many more victims. Edition Daily mail tells the details, referring to a friend of the injured taxi driver.

The final destination of the taxi passenger was named the Cathedral in Liverpool, where the Memorial Day ceremony was held with a large crowd, according to a friend of Perry:

“The passenger asked David to go to the cathedral, so we think that was his goal. But they got stuck in the traffic, so the passenger asked him to go to the hospital instead of the cathedral.”

Another friend of the taxi driver, Stephen Thomas, talks about what is happening near the hospital: David “noticed that the passenger was behaving suspiciously, and then jumped out of the car.” The publication writes that there is no official confirmation of such a development of events yet, but, citing a police source, reports:

“The hero taxi driver prevented the tragedy of the Memorial Day explosion by trapping an alleged terrorist in his car.”

The taxi driver, according to media reports, received “non-life-threatening wounds” – burns and shrapnel wounds. The police counter-terrorism unit is currently investigating. In accordance with the law on terrorism, three were detained – men 21, 26 and 29 years old. Citing a source in the security services, the Times reports on one of the alleged versions: “the possibility of a terrorist attack by Islamists.” However, the police have not yet called the incident a terrorist attack, stating on Twitter:

“We confirm the death of one person, another was hospitalized with injuries, they do not threaten his life.”

The statement said that a taxi drove up to the building, then an explosion followed. The site of the incident is fenced off, some roads are closed. An investigation is underway, and a counter-terrorism police unit is involved.

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