In war, as in war …

The President of EINAP (Association of Doctors of Hospitals of Athens and Piraeus) Matina Pagoni spoke characteristically about the situation with the coronavirus and overcrowded hospitals, and in some ways she is right:

“We are at war. The situation in hospitals is dire, especially in Northern Greece, and it is worsening centrally … Now are hard days for the medical world, and there are clashes with private doctors who are leaving their clinics. I understand them, but we are in a quandary. The time of war, and when we are “at war, we take up arms and fight. We are not divided, the pandemic must go away, and we must return to normal life, as it was two years ago. “

The incident on Friday was reported by Nikos Karavelos, director of the intensive care unit at Papanikolaou Hospital. The patient, who was in dire need of oxygen support, pulled out all the tubes and left the department:

“We found him half-naked on the Papanicolaou bench and sent him back. Obviously, he heard some kind of “advice.”

Mr. Karavelos, talking about 53 hospitalizations in just the last hours, speaks of the moral culprits of the situation in hospitals with a pandemic:

“Three pipelines, with corresponding deaths, very high pressure. We succeed, but we are marginalized. We have 36 COVID intensive care beds that are all occupied and 4 wards for the rest. We are faced with a terrible car accident – one dead and one in critical condition, because there are cases not related to COVID. There are no other options, the pressure is great (…) If someone needs resuscitation, we have nowhere to put him. “

He laments bitterly:

“We are now convinced that while the coronavirus is the natural culprit of the situation, there are also many moral criminals who mislead others, pressure and deceive. People ask for help from non-doctors in their naivety, and some agree to control the lives of others. There is a crime, let the state see it. “

He notes that many sick people do not go to the hospital on time, after hearing about killer doctors, and then it is too late to help them …

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