Greek government strongly opposes lockdown

“The decision and the will of the government is not to apply horizontal local measures that will also affect vaccinated people,” government spokesman Yiannis Ikonou said on Saturday when asked about partial isolationintroduced in the Netherlands.

In an interview with Skai TV, he said the government has a strategy “and we will not deviate from it.”

“The market will work, society will live, children will go to schools, students will go to universities. I don’t think anyone would want to go back to the mode where we were texting to get out for two hours. None of the educators want to go back to the computer for remote work, “he said, stressing that the government will persistently adhere to” this philosophy of pressure measures aimed primarily at the unvaccinated. “

According to him, if people refuse to be vaccinated, they will be required to get tested in order to go to work or take part in a number of other activities.

“The general direction is this: we do not close on lockdown, we apply sanitary measures, there is an extensive control system, which is applied much more strictly. All this in order to stay open and not take steps back, ”he added.

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