At least 0.5 million false vaccination certificates were recorded in the Moscow region

The fatal situation with the coronavirus in Russia has one serious reason – the massive use of fake vaccination certificates, otherwise how to explain the fact that only in the Moscow region the databases are put up for sale. with 500 thousand users of fake certificates.

On shadow Internet resources, data of citizens who bought fake vaccination and PCR certificates are put up for sale, the publication reports. Kommersant

The databases contain personal information of more than 500 thousand people, so far only from the Moscow region. It could be collected on services for the sale of fake information, which, according to experts, were launched just for these purposes and for further blackmailing users. Citizens who find themselves in the database may face criminal liability, as well as the creators of the illegal services themselves, lawyers warn.

Databases of citizens who allegedly bought fake vaccination certificates began to be sold on shadow forums and Telegram channels. Kommersant contacted one of the sellers and found out that a database of 1,000 lines costs $ 120 (about 8.5 thousand rubles at the Central Bank exchange rate for November 11) and contains passport data, SNILS, phone number and place of residence, and also information on the date of receipt of the certificate.

The databases put up for sale also contain data from citizens’ compulsory medical insurance, said Evgeny Antipov, a programmer and owner of the Eye of God Telegram channel. According to him, the largest database contains personal data of more than 500 thousand people, and the cost of information about one person is about 30-40 rubles. The proposed data is still limited only to the Moscow region, added Alexander Dvoryansky, director of strategic communications at Infosecurity a Softline company.

Evgeny Antipov believes that information about citizens was collected in the services themselves, which make it possible to make a fake vaccination certificate or PCR. One of these resources was created by a resident of Sevastopol – it sells certificates for 1.5 thousand rubles. and more than 9 thousand fake tests have already been implemented, said Igor Bederov, head of the information and analytical research department of T.Hunter.

Sales of fake vaccination certificates began to grow against the background of the gradual opening of borders in May and the holiday season (see Kommersant on June 7) and escalated during the new lockdown in November. Sites selling fake certificates appear almost every day and “it is not surprising that fraudsters are trying to make money by selling their clients’ data,” says Ashot Hovhannisyan, the founder of the DLBI data leak intelligence and darknet monitoring service. According to the expert, the data can also be used to blackmail unlucky buyers.

“Taking into account the fact that the responsibility for the use of fake QR codes is proposed to be increased to criminal, this may become a new gold mine for fraudsters,” Mr. Hovhannisyan believes. Perhaps, he continues, the scammers will start calling with the words “a fake QR code has been purchased in your name” and it is necessary to pay to terminate the case.

Fraudsters can offer services to remove from the database information about citizens who “bought” certificates for themselves, or start creating resources where citizens can check their data for their presence in leaked databases, predicts Vadim Soloviev, head of the information security threat analysis group at Positive Technologies.

“It is naive to believe that attackers will be attentive to your personal data if you applied for an illegal service,” warns Alexander Dvoryansky.

The purchase of a fake vaccination certificate entails criminal liability for buyers under Part 3 of Art. 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the maximum punishment for which is up to one year in prison, says Alexey Dobrynin, managing partner of the St. Petersburg office of the Pen & Paper Bar Association. At the same time, the maximum imprisonment of the organizers of a criminal scheme for obtaining certificates can be up to two years, since their actions must be qualified under Part 1 of Art. 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the manufacture and sale of fake vaccination certificates.

If there are 500,000 fake vaccinations in the Moscow region alone, then how many are there in total in the country and what is the actual level of vaccination of the population, if we subtract the unknown percentage of fake vaccinations from the figures declared by the state.

In light of the plans to introduce mandatory QR codes on the railway and on air travel, the black market for the sale of QR codes can also be expected to experience an unprecedented boom. Of course, there, too, no one will really care about protecting personal data.

Well, for anti-axers, this is another reason to accuse the “slurry” of inefficiency … It doesn’t work, does it? Aha !!!

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