The unvaccinated will be allowed to enter the supermarket only with a rapid test

The next week promises to be difficult, as, according to the latest information, the government is expected to announce new restrictive measures that will affect the unvaccinated.

Yannis Ikonomou said that “the vaccinated will no longer be subject to significant restrictions.” Therefore, for the unvaccinated, the “living space” is increasingly narrowing.

According to the information, the following proposals are being considered by the authorities:

wearing masks everywhere, distancing (limiting the number of people) in supermarkets and schools, 3 rapid tests per week for the unvaccinated, renewal of the ban on movement at night, certain (reduced) opening hours of restaurants and bars, a ban on staying in nightclubs, remote work in some areas, “red zones”.

The idea of ​​applying the provision of “supermarket entrance with rapid test for the unvaccinated”

The government excludes the possibility of horizontal blocking. However, what is expected to be announced by the government concerns bans or mini-isolation for the unvaccinated.

On the eve of Christmas, the unvaccinated will have a hard time. For them, the impossibility of movement at night, limited (with a rapid test) entrance to shops and entertainment establishments is provided.

And while such a scenario is considered unlikely (that the unvaccinated will be completely banned from physical presence in stores and that they will only need to purchase goods electronically, as well as a ban on physical presence in pharmacies), it will most likely be considered by the government.

The authorities say they are focusing on the application of sanitary measures, large-scale and intensive monitoring of their observance.

New decisions will be made on Wednesday 17 November
Next Wednesday, both the government and epidemiological scientists, having assessed the overall picture of the pandemic in our country based on the latest data, will make new decisions on the next steps.

Those who are not vaccinated will face an unbearable financial burden if the decision is made, as expected, to do a rapid test (at least 3 times a week) for their presence in public places, including shops.

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