Rostourism announced the exclusion of Mouzenidis Travel from the register of tour operators

“Today, in accordance with Russian legislation, we have made a decision to exclude the tour operator Mouzenidis Travel from the federal register of tour operators,” – the head of Rostourism.

Zarina Doguzova explained in an official statement that such a decision “will allow tourists to contact the insurance company and the Tourpomosch Association to receive payments.”

Earlier “Vestnik ATOR”, as reported RIA News, informed about a similar decision regarding all five legal entities of the Russian “Mouzenidis Travel”. All of them are insured by TIT: Mouzenidis Travel Yekaterinburg, Mouzenidis Travel-SPb and MUZENIDIS TRAVEL – Rostov-on-Don for 10 million rubles each, Mouzenidis Travel for 50 million rubles, and Mouzenidis Intour “(domestic tourism) is insured for 500 thousand rubles.

The difficulties for one of the largest tour operators in the Greek market, with which many Russian partners worked, began after the death of its founder Boris Mouzenidis… In March this year, the great visionary of Greek tourism came to Moscow for the international tourism exhibition MITT. Immediately after arrival, he felt the first symptoms of coronavirus, but mild, and for this reason he refused hospitalization. However, his symptoms worsened and he was taken to a hospital in Moscow. Unfortunately Boris Mouzenidis died of a heart attack as he had heart problems in the past.

On the afternoon of June 17, in the closed Facebook group of Luxury Travel Club, a message appeared from an employee of the host company of the tour operator “Mouzenidis Travel”, in which it was reported about temporary suspension of service tourists in Greece:

“Due to prolonged restrictive actions in the Eastern European market for more than one year, operational and technical capabilities, Mouzenidis Travel Greece temporarily, from 18.06.2021 to 26.06.2021, suspends its customer service in Greece. Always loyal to our customers, based on the best possible service, we offer the transfer of tours booked for the indicated dates, for the period from 01.09.2021 onwards or for the summer season of 2022 according to the same price list. “

At the end of the month, on June 27, a message appeared stating that Ivan Savvidi is ready to save Mouzenidis Travel Greece, facing serious financial difficulties, and to acquire the company for 30 million euros, Greek media reported. The funds will go to “debt restructuring and protection from creditors in accordance with the provisions of the new bankruptcy law 4738/20120.” As you know, Ivan Savvidi, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, the owner of the Porto Carras hotel complex in the Sithonia (Halkidiki) region, was a friend of Boris Mouzenidis.

Recall that the Mouzenidis Group holding specializes in sending tourists and serving them in Greece. In Russia, the company is known as a long-term leader in the direction. The obviously difficult financial situation associated with the restriction of tourism due to the coronavirus was aggravated by the death of the owner and ideologist of the holding.

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