European minimum wage arrives in EU countries

The draft Directive on the establishment of a mechanism for an adequate European minimum wage in the EU countries is being promoted by the European Parliament. The law stipulates the minimum wage for workers. The EU Parliament, in turn, requires the governments of the countries to assess whether their minimum wages are adequate at the moment.

The draft was approved by 37 votes (against 10 and 7 abstentions). The document must be approved by the plenary meeting (during the meeting in Strasbourg on November 22-25), prior to negotiations with the Council on the final form of the directive.

The European minimum wage must be at least 60% of the average gross wage in Europe and 50% of the average wage.

In a vote held yesterday, Thursday 11/11/2021, MEPs in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee supported the introduction of requirements to protect the minimum wage in the EU: either by introducing legal wages (the lowest allowed by law) or by allowing employees negotiate wages with their employers.

The new EU directive will ensure minimum wages in all member states to ensure a decent standard of living for workers and their families.

According to the draft directive, member states should assess and indicate whether the mandatory minimum wage is sufficient, using criteria for the creation of decent working and living conditions, and including such elements as purchasing power and poverty.

Member States in which the minimum wage is protected solely by collective agreements will not be obliged to legislate or make those agreements universally applicable.

The draft directive aims to protect workers by providing them with a guaranteed minimum wage through employment contracts with employers.

Member States in which collective bargaining is available to less than 80% of staff should take active steps to promote this tool. In order to develop the best strategy for this purpose, they should consult with the social partners and inform the European Commission of the measures taken.

Violation of the adopted legislation will be strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

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