The most premature baby hit the Guinness Book of Records

Among the surviving children born prematurely, this baby from the United States is recognized as the most premature. When he was born, his weight was only 420 grams.

Curtis Means was born last year, in July, at 21 weeks 1 day. Doctors gave only 1% for the fact that this tiny resident of Alabama will be able to survive, employees of the University of Alabama at Birmingham admit. At the same time, the boy was not born alone, but his sister was able to live only a day.

Michelle Butler’s pregnancy proceeded normally at first, but in July she needed an urgent operation. She was admitted to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, known for being one of the finest departments of neonatology and pediatrics in the United States. A woman says in an interview with the Guinness Book of Records: “They (the doctors) did not know if he would survive, so they just told me to keep praying.”

For the first three months, Curtis was hooked up to a ventilator. For a whole year, he ate through a tube, and then he had to be taught to eat on his own – to chew food and swallow it. But now everything is over – after 275 days in the hospital in April this year, Curtis Minson was discharged from the hospital.

Michelle Butler, the boy’s mother, was incredibly happy when she was finally able to take her son home. True, he still needs oxygen support and a tube for nutrition, but the doctors are optimistic and give a good prognosis. Now the little one is a year and four months old, but the entry in the Guinness Book of Records appeared only now.

The previous record belonged to Richard Hutchinson – he was born at a period of 21 weeks and two days, and this happened a month before Curtis was born.

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